Television South (TVS) was the ITV franchise holder in the south and south east of England between 1 January 1982 at 9.25 am and 31 December 1992 at 11.59 pm. The company operated under various names, initially as Television South plc and then following reorganisation in 1989 as TVS Entertainment plc, with UK broadcasting activities undertaken by subsidiary TVS Television Ltd.

TVS ceased broadcasting on 31 December 1992 after losing its franchise to Meridian Broadcasting during the review of franchise holders in 1991. The company was sold to the U.S. firm International Family Entertainment in 1993. Television South’s trademarks are now owned by an independent production company.



TVS’s identity featured a six coloured symbol that formed up in three stages from the outside in before zooming out and sitting alongside the TVS lettering, accompanied by a shortened version of the station theme New Forest Rondo. There were different variations for weekday and weekend, which only differed in the zoom out to the lettering. The ident was shot initially on film of a mechanical model, but was later shot using video effects and from 1985, a computer generated version of the ident was used.


On 7 September 1987, following Greg Dyke’s departure from TVS, the station’s presentation was completely overhauled, with the new idents designed by John Hayman and a new jingle by Ed Welch. The new idents featured metallic TVS lettering which would spin out, turning into a metallic logo before spinning back to the lettering. The rainbow colour effects are still included, which are included when the logo spins. Three versions were produced, a normal ident, a short ident where the TVS logo rotated into the lettering, and a minute extended ident featuring video from the regions that was used upon startup and in some of the longer junctions. No clock was included in the look. The idents were all against a grey gradient background and featured the caption ‘Television South’ below the end lettering. This change, in effect, brought a more “corporate” feel to TVS Television.


This ident was altered slightly on 1 September 1989 following the TVS management restructuring, so that the ident was against a gradient blue background and cut in to the rotation of the logo into the lettering. The caption was changed to ‘Television’ to reflect the station’s technical name of TVS Television, and the music was altered slightly to be bolder. Against the blue background, the metallic lettering now has the appearance of glass or perspex. This ident was used by TVS until they went off air on 31 December 1992, when a special ident with the caption ‘Thanks for Watching’ was used to close the final TVS programme.