The Southern Television logo is owned by Nic Ayling.

Southern Television was the ITV broadcasting licence holder for the south and south-east of England from 30 August 1958 to 31 December 1981. The company was launched as Southern Television Limited and the title Southern Television was consistently used on-air throughout its life. However, in 1966 during the application process for contracts running from 1968 the company renamed itself Southern Independent Television Limited, a title which was used until 1980, when the company reverted to its original corporate name. Southern Television ceased broadcasting on the morning of 1 January 1982 at 12.43am, after a review during the 1980 franchise round gave the contract to Television South.



Southern Television’s first identity featured an art deco style star which zoomed into screen before the bottom point extended downwards with varying tones.

This was replaced in the early 1960s with a white rotating star against a black background against a drumroll jingle.

This was again altered in the mid-1960s to a new style star shape against a black background and accompanied by a jingle featuring a cacophony of noises. This shape formed from a circle, with the diagonal lines moving out and joining the circle and the horizontal and vertical lines being drawn last, with the name added last.


This ident remained with the station until the end of its existence with some modifications, firstly the jingle was altered to nine notes on a guitar a few years later, and then the background was revealed to be blue in 1969 with the introduction of colour. This ident, occasionally supplemented by a subsequent caption stating ‘The Station that serves the South’, lasted until the company ceased transmission in 1982.


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