ITV Granada (formerly Granada Television and commonly referred to as simply Granada) is a regional television company in North West England. It is the largest independent television-franchise producing company in the UK, accounting for 25% of the total broadcasting output of the ITV network.



From its launch in 1956 until 1968, when an ident featuring the word “GRANADA” between two horizontal lines was introduced, the channel used captions and animations featuring a thin arrow pointing upwards and Granada, in a stylised font, in boxes. The arrow pointed at the “n” in Granada, pointing north and sometimes animated revealing the slogan ‘From the North’, before the Granada name.


After the use of the word “GRANADA” between two horizontal lines was phased out in the first half of 1969, the famous pointed ‘G’ logo, incorporating the upward/Northward facing arrow used previously into a letter “G” was introduced. This was to be the corporate logo for the Granada Group as a whole (also seen as the logo for Granada’s TV rentals firm), so it was introduced to their ITV franchise as a matter of course rather than the ITV franchise choosing to adopt the new branding. This logo was originally white on a grey background (although occasionally seen as black on a white background) but after the introduction of colour, grey was replaced with blue (after a short period of using white symbol/yellow lettering/purple background), with the GRANADA name in white and the G symbol in yellow.

A colour emblem was used from the 1970s until it was replaced by a series of idents to celebrate Granada Television’s 30th anniversary on 3 May 1986.


On 5 June 1989, Granada Television launched a look featuring a translucent pointed G, which rotated into place in time to the music against a natural scene.

ITV Generic Look

When the first ITV generic look was launched, Granada Television refused to adopt it, because the Granada Television logo was incorrectly inserted into the ‘V’ segment of the logo.


On 4 June 1990, Granada, in the run-up to the 1990 franchise round, relaunched its on-screen branding to a blue stripe descending from the top of the screen, containing the pointed ‘G’, against a plain white background. The ident underwent several refinements during its time on air.


On 2 January 1995, the stripe theme was modified; the pointed ‘G’ was larger on the blue stripe against a computer generated multicoloured background and the ‘G’ was created by filming a large perspex ‘G’ with motion control photography.

This ident was used, from a variety of angles, until 7 November 1999, by which point additional idents based on surreal surroundings were introduced.


All the idents were replaced on 8 November 1999 when Granada Television took the generic hearts idents. Granada Television kept the pointed G logo, made slightly thinner and placed in a box at the top of the screen. The dual branding of Granada Television and ITV lasted until 28 October 2002, when regional identities were dropped in favour of the new ITV1 channel brand.

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