Stars & Hearts

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the death of two regional brand names.

While other regions were about to adopt the ‘Hearts’ generic look, Carlton refused the look and instead adopted a package that related back to the Hearts, but put their own distinct take on it. Lambie-Nairn was once again commissioned, and a dozen idents were produced and were used depending on the programme to go before it. The idents featured opening films featuring a heart shape, before a star shaped light is emitted from the heart shape, before the screen changes to the Carlton logo, now with added star in top right corner, against a spinning stars background of different colours, with ITV logo beneath. This look has received criticism, not concerning the idents themselves, but because these idents replaced the brands used by both Central and Westcountry, although the names would live on in their regional news bulletins. It later reached Wales, with the introduction retained, but the end board was of the spinning ITV Hearts with the HTV logo.

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