On this day in 1989, ITV introduced its first official on-screen logo.

The logo was the centre of a whole branding package; there was a national logo and regional logos for all of the ITV franchises. Each franchise had a distinctive portion of their logo included into the V of the ITV logo. The ident was generally formed by beginning with the franchisee’s logo, then going into a sliding sequence featuring an arctic tern, a couple in period dress, Big Ben, an athlete, and a pair of dancers before the regional ITV logo is reformed. Along with this, each franchise received a regional clock, trailer style, network font and break bumpers.

However, this new look did not go as the designers intended:

  • Anglia Television, Channel Television, TVS, TSW and Ulster Television refused to use the new ITV identity presentation package. The logo however appeared on network trailers, end boards (the company who made the programme or feature) and at the start of some networked programmes (such as Morning Worship).
  • Granada Television used versions of the ident altered to suit their normal branding package.
  • Yorkshire Television’s moving ident was altered in early 1991 so that their ‘chevron’ logo appeared full in place of the triangle shape and zoomed into the centre of the screen at the end of the ident, a different font was also used.

The look was dropped at various times depending on region:

  • Scottish Television used the ident sparingly in conjunction with its own, but then dropped it by early part of 1990.
  • Granada Television had dropped their altered ident look in 1991, being replaced with their own package.
  • Thames Television ended the 1989 package entirely, a few weeks after losing their franchise in 1991. This included trailers, holding slides, and created their own ident and presentation package.
  • Tyne Tees Television returned to their own new-look package around 1991, but reused the music in subsequent idents.
  • LWT ended the package after 30 August 1992. LWT used a remixed version of the 1989 theme in the new ident which retained a smaller version of the ITV logo, and revived the 1986-89 Solaris ident for use in regional programmes.
  • HTV launched with their own presentation package on New Year’s Day 1993.
  • Central Television used the original version, but quickly decided to revise the ident as a variation of their branding, and gradually phased out by 1993, being replaced with their own package.
  • Border Television ended in early September 1993 but reused the music in their own subsequent idents.
  • Yorkshire Television ended the package in early October 1994 and used their own versions.
  • Grampian Television continued to use the 1989 generic ident right up until ITV’s new corporate logo was introduced in October 1998. They had also been taken over by SMG at this point.

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